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Pasture-Raised Berkshire Pork

Our pork will be priced based on the USDA pasture-raised pork prices report and thus are subject to change occasionally.  Please contact us for availability of specific cuts.  Our current schedule allows for 4 processing dates, which are spread out throughout the year. This means that our customers who are interested in purchasing halves/wholes can reach out to us throughout the year and reserve their optimal timeframes.  All of our meat is processed at USDA certified facilities and will be individually processed and flash frozen.

Our pasture-raised pork is $7 per lb for a whole pig and $7.50 per lb for a half pig and all prices include packaging and natural smoking of certain cuts.  Cuts will include; but not limited to: Pork Chops (Bone In and Boneless), Spare Ribs, Bacon, Sausage, Tenderloins, Hams and Ground Pork. 

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